How To Organize Furniture In A Difficult-To-Arrange Living Room?

It’s not uncommon for fascinating design to create difficult living spaces, whether it’s a historic property with unusual angles or a contemporary construction with unusual dimensions. Knowing how to properly organize, layout, and decorate an uncomfortable living room can be difficult for even the most experienced interior designers to accomplish successfully. In here is guiding you how to arrange your living room with these awkward living room layout ideas.

However, because not everyone lives in a blank box, interior design professionals have created an arsenal of tactics and tricks to fool the eye and smooth out the rough edges of even the most unusual of rooms. Their expert advise on how to arrange furniture and design your very own awkward living room layout can assist you in detracting attention away from its defects and transforming it into the pleasant, functional, and beautiful place it was meant to be is shared in this article.

Start With A Big Items First.

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas - largest wall with furniture

In order to successfully design an awkward living room layout, it is critical to first establish a solid foundation before adding decorative features and finishes. The interior designer John McClain of John McClain Design advises that while setting up your living space, “finding the largest wall and placing your largest piece of furniture in that place can free up other spots to assist establish where your remaining components can go.” In order to design your furniture around statement items rather than accent pieces, consider the following:

It’s Time To Identify The Zones.

The interior designer Jessica Risko Smith of JRS ID advises clients to “consider the various functions that take place in the room.” “Making a room more useable by dividing it into two or three zones can make an awkwardly formed area more usable. Using odd corners or minimizing the disruption created by circulation through a space to create a snug reading zone away from a bigger conversation area or television viewing area might be beneficial. Swivel chairs are quite useful in circumstances like these!”

Float The Pieces Of Furniture.

According to Risko Smith, “don’t be scared to pull items away from the walls.” “Having furniture drawn in toward the center of an odd-shaped room (especially a large one) can create a new shape within the space,” says the designer.

“While adding carefully selected items of décor, literature, and even storage boxes,” McClain recommends using an open shelving unit as a room divider. A console table and chair should be placed behind your sofa to create a convenient workplace.

Area Rugs Help To Define A Space.

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas - wall and Rugs

“Using area rugs to divide zones within your living space is a terrific way to create visual separation,” McClain explains. Choose various colors, forms, and textures to create a visual barrier between your TV/hangout and dining areas without literally putting something in between them,” says the designer.

Shapes Are A Great Way To Experiment.

“Round edges and curved outlines in furniture and décor can help to soften the rigidity of a space,” explains McClain. The movement will be more pleasant to the eye as a result of the change.” Plants (living or imitation), branches, crystals, and woven baskets are all excellent methods to incorporate a variety of shapes into your decor.”

Make Use Of Vertical Space.

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas - Vertical Space

“Don’t be scared to use your wall space to its full potential at different heights,” McClain suggests. “Keeping the same sight line across a space might accentuate the awkwardness of the space by drawing attention to the portions that are not being used. Then, wall décor can be arranged in collages by combining images, art, and mirrors. Maintain your design aesthetic by using higher casement pieces or installing wall-mounted shelving in locations that require functional storage alternatives while retaining your design aesthetic It’s fine to hang anything higher than you may expect as long as it’s substantial enough (for example, an oversized art piece) and makes sense in the overall scheme of things.”

Make Use of Ingenious Lighting

In addition, “lighting may be employed to enhance the mood of a space by drawing attention to vignettes or outlining seating areas,” McClain explains. “When partying or watching television, it is possible to set the mood with color illumination. “Wall sconces (whether hard wired or plug in) can be used to offer light without taking up valuable table or floor space,” explains the author.

Explore Every Nook And Cranny Of The House.

“Make use of nooks and crannies to your advantage,” McClain recommends. You may have an open space beneath your stairs or a strange closet that you are unsure what to do with. So, create an intimate reading nook with a comfortable chair, a side table, and a lamp for when you want to get away from the television. Then, remove closet doors and replace them with storage to create a functional office space. Install a small sideboard and open shelves into a recess in the wall to create a dry bar setup or a coffee station.”

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