Beautiful Bathroom Backsplashes That Are Sure To Turn Heads.

The design of your bathroom doesn’t end with your bathtub, shower, or sinks; it continues throughout the space. The walls around these things might be just as essential in determining the overall appearance of your room. Furthermore, because your bathroom backsplash is at eye level, it has the potential to rapidly become the most eye-catching feature in the room. In this bathroom backsplash ideas will provide more guideline on how to design your bathroom attractively. 

A backsplash, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a tiny panel that is installed below your sink to, you guessed it, avoid splashes. Depending on your preference, this backsplash may be linked to your bathroom sink or countertop, or it can be installed as a spectacular wall covered in tiles, paint, or wallpaper.

Simply said, there are several bathroom backsplash alternatives available, which means there are numerous ways to use yours to enhance your space, and we’ve compiled a list of 23 of our favorites. Make a note of the bathroom backsplash ideas that you like and start the designing process right away.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Best Bathroom design

1. Experiment With Asymmetry To See What Happens.

It is not necessary for your backsplash to extend all the way to the wall behind your sink. As a matter of fact, if you’re prepared to be creative with your tile arrangement, you may transform your backsplash into a true work of art. Get your hands on some brightly colored tiles, then use them to create a stripe that goes from ceiling to floor.

This stripe should not be placed just behind the center of your mirror, but rather somewhat to the side. Because of the asymmetry, your multicolored backsplash will be even more eye-catching than before.

2. Experiment With Different Colors Of Grout.

Contrary to popular belief, your grout does not have to be white. There are a variety of colors to choose from—from black to gray to even orange—so you have lots of options for making a statement even if you’re working with traditional white tiles.

3. Decorate Your Walls.

When it comes to bathroom backsplashes, tiles are a popular choice, but they are not the only one available. It’s quite OK to keep things basic and use a normal coat of paint as an alternative.

This option works particularly well when dealing with a freestanding sink, but it may be eye-catching no matter what type of sink configuration you’re working with in your kitchen.

4. Turn Your Tiles So That They Are Facing The Wrong Way.

Tiles, at least rectangular tiles, have a tendency to run in a single direction. We lay them down horizontally, so that the long side goes from left to right and the short side runs from top to bottom, as shown in the diagram. This is a tried-and-true method of solving problems.

Because it’s so timeless, reversing it is a simple way to make a statement, even if the tiles you’re dealing with are a sharp, white, and contemporary white.

5. Combine And Contrast Your Materials.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Mix and Match

Your backsplash is merely one component of the overall design. You also have to think about your countertops and your cabinets, and you want all three of these elements to operate in harmony with one another. So, if you’ve already decided on one of the three options, utilize it as a starting point—and let it serve as inspiration for the remainder of your design decisions.

You should seek for a glossy backsplash tile that will match your black marble countertops if you’ve decided on this option. Then, using wooden cabinets, add a little dimension to the room.

6. Use A Monochromatic Color Scheme.

A monochrome bathroom is a show-stopping design element, and you can utilize your backsplash to tie the whole room together. If your shower is lined with brilliant pink tiles, continue the theme with the tiles on your backsplash, or add a bit of contrast with a pink terrazzo backsplash.

7. Experiment With Different Textures.

When dealing with bold countertops, you may feel the urge to pare down your backsplash to the bare essentials, making it as straightforward as possible. However, don’t be scared to blend two different textures that stand out. A striated marble countertop looks fantastic when paired with traditional subway tiles.

It would look even better if you combine the subway tiles with a dark grout color like black. The striations in the marble will be echoed by this combination, which will give your room both contrast and cohesiveness in equal measure.

8. Make Your Hardware Work With You.

Are you looking for a terrific method to bring your room together? Make a visual connection between your backsplash and your hardware, or vice versa. Because your backsplash will act as a focal point in your room, it is certain to draw people’s attention to it.

Color-coordinating it with tiny features, like as your drawer knobs, towel racks, and overhead lighting, may help your room feel more balanced and complete, as seen in the photo.

9. Make Sure You Have Two Different Shades Of Paneling.

Tiles and paint aren’t your only options when it comes to backsplashes. Wood paneling may provide texture to a room while also serving as a more discreet alternative to brightly colored tiles.

Paneling your walls with painted wood paneling can give your room a dramatic floor-to-ceiling appearance. Then, to round off the look, line the inside of your bathroom cabinets with similar wood paneling in a different hue. This two-tone technique should result in a room that is different, unified, and deliciously dynamic all at the same time.

10. Match Your Backsplash To The Color Of Your Sink.

Are you stumped as to what to do with your kitchen backsplash? Consider starting with your sink as a base of operations. Find a backsplash that compliments your sink, especially if it’s a very eye-catching piece of equipment. Combine a cement sink with a marble backsplash that has gray striations running through it, or match a metal sink with tiles that are equally reflective.

11. Use Tiles To Cover The Entire Wall.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Wall in Tiles

It is not necessary for your backsplash to begin and terminate behind your sink. It has the ability to cover a full wall—in fact, it has the capability of covering your entire bathroom. If you don’t mind the look of floor-to-ceiling tiles, you might want to try having your backsplash run the length of your room. Even if the tiles you choose are in a sleek neutral colour, this wall-to-wall technique is certain to make a statement.

12. Use Wallpaper As A Backsplash Instead Of A Countertop.

Wallpaper is a simple method to change any bathroom, and it can even be used as a backsplash if it is installed correctly. If you’ve used a beautiful image to fill your walls, try allowing it to stand on its own as a focal point.

If you want to incorporate more design elements, such as marble or vivid tiles, you may certainly do so, but because what you’ve got is already so eye-catching, you won’t need to.

13. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Subway tiles have been around for a long time for a good reason: they look amazing and are really simple to work with when decorating. Just because something has been done before doesn’t mean you have to refrain from doing it in the future. If you adore them, you may use them to line your backsplash.

14. Coordinate The Backsplash With The Flooring.

Matching your backsplash to your floors may appear to be an odd decision at first glance. Why not leverage the fact that your flooring are lined with eye-catching tiles or painted a vibrant color to inspire other design aspects in your home?

In the event that you like a larger level of contrast, you may always choose a backsplash that compliments your flooring rather than one that matches them completely. However, if you don’t mind a little clear coordination, you may try utilizing the same tiles, material, or paint color in both locations..

15. Make The Most Of Your Available Space.

Generally speaking, bathrooms are rather similar in appearance, but every now and then, you’ll find yourself in a unique setting. Perhaps your bathroom is exceedingly small or oddly formed, as is the case with me. Alternatively, it may have a large bay window that makes a typical backsplash difficult to find.

Try to make use of your “defects” rather than trying to hide them or hide your imperfections. Could you consider hanging a pair of mirrors from the ceiling and allowing your window to function as a backsplash instead?

16. Use Wood Paneling To Line The Walls Of Your Home.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Walls With Wood Paneling

There are a variety of options for adding texture to your walls that do not use traditional tiles. Even while unpainted wood paneling may appear to be a touch rustic, it can look surprisingly sophisticated when matched with marble and gleaming metals.

If you’ve lined your walls with wood paneling or another eye-catching material, you might choose to forego installing a typical backsplash and instead allow your walls to function as your backsplash, as seen above.

17. Select A Backsplash That Complements The Mirror You’ve Chosen.

If you’ve come across a mirror that makes a real impact, try designing your backsplash and the rest of your area around it. Dark grout may be used to imitate the lines in a geometric mirror, while light tiles can be used to duplicate the light reflection from your mirror. If your mirror is decorated with a variety of other shapes and colors, you may use tiles to draw attention to those elements as well.

18. Extend Your Backsplash Into Your Shower To Create A Seamless Look.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas -Backsplash Into Your Shower

Backsplashes and showers are both popular tile applications, so why not use the same tile in both applications to create a cohesive look? Shower walls should be lined with a set of attractive tiles. Then, let those tiles to reach all the way to the wall behind your sink as well.

19. Construct A Two-Tone Wall On Your Own.

It is not necessary to have a single hue or texture on your walls. It’s easy to make your own two-tone wall that segments right over your sink with a handful of tiles and a quick coat of paint. The result is a built-in backsplash that’s both visually appealing and one of a kind.

20. Invest In Marble That Extends From Floor To Ceiling.

In any bathroom, marble is a timeless accent, and if you’re looking to create a truly magnificent backsplash, this sophisticated material will not disappoint.

If you have the financial means to do so, consider installing a full-blown marble wall in your home. In addition to bringing elegance and usefulness to your area, the material will set the tone for the rest of the room.

21. Integrate Your Backsplash With Your Counters To Create A Cohesive Look.

Backsplashes and countertops are frequently purchased as distinct components, however this is not always the case. Many bathroom counters are constructed with built-in backsplashes. Most of the time, these backsplashes are made of the same material as the counters, allowing you to have a seamless transition from the front of your counter to the top of your backsplash.

22. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

If you have a lot going on in your bathroom, you might want to make your backsplash as plain as possible. In an all-white bathroom, a basic white backsplash may seem a bit out of place, but if you place it next to a wood-lined wall—and above a beautifully tiled floor—it should provide a welcome dose of contrast and simplicity to your room.

23. Select A Sink With A Built-In Backsplash To Complete The Look.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Sink With a Built-In Backsplash

Making a statement with your backsplash may be a lot of fun, but if you don’t want to go through the work of tiling or painting your walls, remember that you can always choose for a sink that comes with a built-in backsplash. Some sinks do, in fact, come with backsplashes, providing you with a very low-maintenance solution to finish off your area.

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