22 Window Treatment Ideas That Will Go Perfectly With Your Farmhouse Decor.

Window coverings are a simple way to improve the look of any room, but selecting the correct ones can be difficult. Once you’ve decided where your window treatments should go and what you want them to accomplish, the next step is to choose a set that will look genuinely beautiful in your house and complement your décor. Moreover, even when pulling inspiration from one of the most prominent design styles available, this is a difficult feat to do. In this article is going to explore about farmhouse curtain ideas for your support.

In recent years, farmhouse style has risen to become an unquestionable fan favorite (literally, farmhouse is the most popular design style in 26 states, which accounts for more than half of the nation). However, being famous does not always make the design process any easier to complete. For those who have attempted to create a lovely farmhouse of their own, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that popularity can be both a benefit and a liability when it comes to building a home. To your advantage, you’ll have a plethora of farmhouse design ideas to pick through when you’re out shopping for curtains. At the same time, sorting through all of the inspiration may take some time, and you may find yourself seeing the same ideas again and over again.

farmhouse curtain ideas - curtain ideas

In order to save you from the constant scrolling for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of farmhouse window treatment ideas that are worth saving. These ideas, which range from the traditional (hanging frilly curtains in your kitchen) to the innovative (draping curtains from sticks), should provide you with all of the diversity you need to discover the appropriate window treatments for your quaint farmhouse setting.

1. Create A Beautiful Backdrop With A Beautiful Print.

Because curtains have a tendency to pull the attention, they may be an excellent tool for setting the tone in any area. Consider how you want your area to feel, and then get a set of curtains that will help you achieve that feeling. If a space starts to feel too slick, add a set of patterned curtains to bring it back to life. By keeping with a traditional print, such as a delicate flower, you may get a vintage-inspired country feel.

2. Use A Woven Roman Shade To Add Texture To Your Room.

farmhouse curtain ideas - Woven Roman Shade

There are many distinct textures to be found in farmhouse interior design, including shining metals, rustic woods, warm linens, and more. So why not include your window curtains in the festivities? Hanging a woven Roman shade over your kitchen window can give your area a sense of depth and texture. In addition to providing protection from the late afternoon sun, the shade should also offer a touch of rustic charm to your interior design.

3. Make A Clean And Simple Statement With Sleek White Drapes.

In any home, white curtains are a traditional touch, and they should look especially wonderful in a light-filled modern farmhouse with lots of windows. Smooth curtains should look great against pure white walls, and their classic feel should allow them to work well with even the most rustic aspects in the space. The curtains should be simple and elegant.

4. Incorporate A Splash Of Color Into Your Kitchen.

farmhouse curtain ideas - Pop of Color to Kitchen

Curtains may be an excellent way to add a splash of color to a space, and that splash of color can be as subtle or as stunning as you like. Consider combining a white-filled space with a pastel Roman shade for a gentler look that is nonetheless sophisticated. Because the color of the curtain will be rather light, it should be able to give interest to your area without overpowering your color scheme.

5. Use A Branch To Hang Your Curtains On.

Do you want to go all out with the rustic look? Curtains should be hung from a branch. Make a thorough search of your backyard for suitable sticks. Then, using each stick, hang it over a window of equal size. Based on the design of your sticks, you may be able to place them on curtain rod brackets with relative ease. You may also try dangling them from the ceiling using hooks and ribbons to give them a more elegant look.

6. Incorporate A New Pattern Into Your Decor.

farmhouse curtain ideas - New Pattern with window

It is not necessary for your curtains to match anything else in the room. Don’t be scared to experiment with different designs and colors. Make use of the space you already have as a starting point. Afterwards, search for colors and designs that will go well with what you currently have.

7. Use The Same Type Of Blinds On All Of Your Windows.

Curtains may be a terrific way to divide and organize a room. Even if your rooms are connected by an open floor plan, you may distinguish them by using textured shades in one and patterned drapes in another. You should line every window in your dining nook with the right shades once you’ve decided on the perfect ones for your room. Afterwards, hang a variety of various curtains in your kitchen to provide a visual separation.

8. Don’t Bother Hemming Your Curtains.

farmhouse curtain ideas - Curtains Unhemmed with window

Consider leaving your curtains unhemmed if you want a truly rustic appearance. Sure, when it comes to buying for curtains, the hem may be the last thing on your mind. (It’s possible that hem will not even make the cut after color, pattern, texture, and length.) The unexpected element, on the other hand, is certain to give your home a more textured and rustic vibe.

9. Use Ivory Roman Shades To Bring In Some Warmth.

White curtains are considered to be a traditional hue. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for warmth, consider hanging ivory shades instead. Because ivory contains yellow overtones, the curtains should immediately bring warmth to your room once they’re hanging on the wall. And, as the light begins to pass through them, they will have a true opportunity to shine brightly. It is expected that when sunlight travels through your shades, it will pick up some of the warm undertones of ivory, providing your house with a lovely, buttery glow.

10. Hang A Frilly Swag In Your Kitchen As A Decorative Accent.

farmhouse curtain ideas - swag curtains

Even if you’ve never heard of swag curtains before, chances are you’ve come across them somewhere before. In classic country homes, swags (high-low drapes that are short in the middle and long at the borders) are a popular choice for window treatments. A flowery choice in your kitchen window, on the other hand, is a proven method to make your house seem cozier.

11. Complementary Prints Should Be Paired Together.

Curtains, like any other decorative element, provide you with the opportunity to make your home more lively. And experimenting with different prints might be a fun way to do this. A set of beige and brown curtains would look great over a beige blanket that’s been lined with brown stripes, so think about it. Instead of matching your designs perfectly, opt for a complimentary print, such as tiny polka dots, to provide a pop of color.

12. Experiment With A Dark Curtain Color To See What Happens.

Dark curtains may appear out of place in a lovely farmhouse, but they are actually quite appropriate. However, if your house is mostly decorated in light hues such as white, light brown, and mint, black drapes may help to ground your area in comfort while also adding contrast to your overall design plan.

13. Choose Curtains That Are The Same Color As Your Throw Pillows.

farmhouse curtain ideas - curtain match to Pillows

Although it is not required to match your curtains to other décor, doing so may help a tiny space—such as a reading nook—feel more enclosed and coherent. First, find the tiniest decorative feature in your room, and then match your curtains to that element. Make your shades out of the same exact print and color, or mix things up by using a different print or color on each one.

14. Create Privacy By Installing A Window Tier.

A full-blown pair of drapes may not be necessary depending on the reason for your curtain installation. If you want to add privacy to a bathroom window, for example, you may only only a basic window layer to accomplish your aim. The bottom half of a window is covered by window tiers, which provide you with seclusion without blocking off too much light. And if you choose a sheer white alternative, you may let even more light into the room while still maintaining the private atmosphere you desire.

15. Use A Sheer White Valance To Add A Touch Of Femininity To Your Bedroom.

farmhouse curtain ideas - White Sheer Valance for bedroom

A valance is a short drape that is meant to hang over the top of a window to provide privacy. However, if you have a window above your headboard that is unusually short, a valance may be long enough to cover the entire window. Because of its modest length, a valance will provide you with the coverage you desire without giving you the impression of having curtains that go from floor to ceiling. Furthermore, if you find a sheer white choice, you can maintain the light in your home looking soft and ambient by choosing it.

16. Use Macrame Curtains To Add Texture To Your Room.

farmhouse curtain ideas -texture With Macrame Curtains

Depending on how they are made, macrame curtains can have a beachy or bohemian atmosphere. Pairing them with a rod iron bed frame, some rustic wood furniture, and a couple of flowery throw pillows will have them looking and feeling like they belong in a farmhouse in no time! Because the curtains are so sheer, they won’t be able to do anything to keep the light out. However, they will bring a sense of coziness and texture to any environment.

17. Purchase Window Treatments That Match Your Walls.

It is not necessary for your window coverings to create a statement. If your shades are purely functional—that is, if they are only there to block out light—consider purchasing a set that matches the color of the walls in your room. Regardless of whether you have the shades up or down, they will mix seamlessly. In addition, if you truly want to tie the area together, consider scoring the shades in a texture that complements the other materials in the space.

18. Roll-Up Blinds Provide Greater Flexibility.

When it comes to your blinds, don’t be afraid to go for a more rustic appearance. Purchase a set of blinds that can be rolled up to provide you with plenty of versatility, and leave your blinds unrolled at various lengths. When you have a lot of windows in your space, it might be tempting to make sure your blinds are folded up perfectly—in one continuous line. Farmhouses are known for having a comfortable, lived-in air, which may be achieved by taking a more haphazard approach to decorating.

19. Add A Blackout Curtain To Your Bedroom To Make It More Comfortable.

If the early morning sunshine flowing through your bedroom window is too uncomfortable, consider installing a blackout curtain to keep the light out. The most efficient way to accomplish this is with a dark curtain. However, if you want to maintain your farmhouse look, you may get some gorgeous beige blackout curtains at a reasonable price.

20. Allow Your Shades To Cover A Large Number Of Windows.

farmhouse curtain ideas - Shades Span Several Windows

There are a handful of solutions available to you if the largest windows in your home are composed of smaller windows that have been grouped together. You have the option of hanging a little shade over each of the windows, or you may place a single huge shade over the entire set.

Your set-up will be more versatile if you use a number of lesser colours. You might choose to cover one of the smaller windows while leaving the other windows open to the elements. However, utilizing a single large shade will make your set-up more cohesive—and, in many cases, more dramatic as well.

21. Color-Coordinate Your Hardware To Match Your Decor.

Your curtains will need to be supported by some sort of hardware. Furthermore, if the hardware is visible (as it generally is), it will have an impact on the overall appearance of your room. Consider drawing design inspiration from the other devices in the area to make things as simple as possible. Match the curtain-hanging hardware to a neighboring metal light fixture—or even to the metal frames that line your walls—to create a cohesive look.

22. Combine A Few Different Options In A Creative Way.

Curtains and blinds do not have to be used in conjunction with one another. Consequently, when selecting your window coverings, don’t be afraid to go for two or three. A woven Roman shade may bring texture and covering to a room, while a set of white sheers can lend a touch of delicate décor to an otherwise plain space. Begin by determining what you want your window coverings to accomplish for you. Then stock up on the combination of ingredients that will bring you there.

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