The Guest Bathroom May Not Be As Personalized As Your Own, But It Should Be.

When guests visit, they’ll feel more at home if they can use a bathroom that has been tailored to their individual needs. A well-designed guest bathroom can go a long way toward making your guests feel at home. If you’re searching for small things to improve the experience of sharing the main bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to make a guest bathroom design with this guest bathroom ideas as comfortable and opulent as possible, courtesy of the experts:

1. Maximize The Amount Of Daylight 

In order to maximize natural light in your bathroom, Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa director Marc Dobbels recommends using your current layout to your advantage. This can be done by employing light, airy accents to create a feeling of spaciousness, or by increasing the size of your bathroom’s window.

Guest Bathroom Ideas - Natural Lights

When it comes to the design of a hotel, “Le Barthelemy is all about taking advantage of the natural surroundings,” says Dobbels. To access a jolt of bright, new energy, a bathroom filled with natural light is essential.

2. Consider A New Shower Head As An Option.

For a hotel-like shower, you don’t need to replace your entire shower, but a massaging or rain showerhead might be a good alternative to explore. There are spacious rain showers in each bathroom so that guests may experience the tropical atmosphere while washing off the salt from a day at the beach, according to Dobbels.

3. Pay Attention To The Tiniest Of Things.

Dobbels believes that the greatest bathroom design has a minimalist approach, warm halogen lighting, and decor that reflects the surrounding surroundings. Our goal is for our guests to experience that jaw-dropping moment when they step into the bathroom—every single detail matters and gives a feeling of location..”

Take a look at what you like most about staying at a hotel and try to replicate it in your own home. Is it a minimalistic approach? What about the light? What about the comforts and conveniences available to you? Those little elements will have a far greater impact than any renovations you can do.

4. Towels Are An Investment, So Don’t Be Afraid To Splurge.

Crane & Canopy CEO Karin Sun recommends using soft towels in your bathroom. “Set out clean, fluffy towels for your guests to use,” she advises, “to bring the spa experience to your guests.” A hot bath or shower at the end of a hard day will make your guests feel like they’re staying in a boutique hotel, and white towels in a luxurious color will give your home an impression of sophistication.

Guest Bathroom Ideas - Splurge on nice towels

5. Remove Any Traces Of Clutter.

Make a point of keeping the area neat and free of unnecessary clutter, advises Sun. Put away clutter and give the area a light dusting before your guests come. In addition to making your home appear more organized, these simple steps will allow your guests to settle in and store their own personal belongings.” Guests will appreciate the sense of homeiness they get from a clean, uncluttered guest room.

6. Make An Amenity Kit For Your Guests To Use.

To keep your guests feeling like they’re staying in a hotel even if they have to share the bathroom, create a bathroom amenity package and leave it on their bed. A fashionable basket or tray can help you keep things in order in the bathroom, advises Sun.

7. Create An Atmosphere.

Preparing the bathroom for your guest’s arrival is advised by Sun. Before they even unpack their bags, consider burning a candle with a gentle, fresh smell or dimming the lights to create a more inviting atmosphere.

8. Guests Can Keep Their Things In Here If They Want To.

Beth Halpern Brown, owner of Beth Brown Interiors, believes that guests “truly need spaces to put their belongings”. A little corner chair, a jewelry rack, and a storage hanging on the back of the bathroom or closet door are just a few examples of furniture or accessories that can be used by guests. “

9. Iconic Works Of Art Inspired By And Reflecting The Hosts.

Pictures of a host’s favorite places and artwork by their children should still feature prominently in the bathroom for guests. According to Brown, you don’t want the area to feel sterile or generic, but rather deliberately integrated into your overall design approach.

10. Stock Up On Any Last-Minute Necessities You Think They’ll Need.

Suggested Reading: “Q-tips and cotton balls and extra contact solution and case,” explains Brown. “Lotion is also kept under the sink,” she continues. You can’t go wrong with simple gestures like this that make your guests feel special and valued.

In the event that a guest forgets to pack or bring something with them, they ensure that they will be able to find what they need. “It’s tiny touches like this that make all the difference for guests who are staying somewhere that isn’t their own home or space they are comfortable with,” says Brown.

11. Always Have A High-End Shampoo On Hand, Such As The Kind You’d Find In A Hotel.

There is no harm in stocking the guest bathroom with high-quality items just in case your guests forget to bring their own shampoo and conditioner. Bre Hance, principle designer and owner of InHance Interiors, believes that “having good quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash available is a welcoming touch and also won’t break your money since you won’t have to replenish it that often,” she says.

Guest Bathroom Ideas - Shampoo

12. A Signature Smell Is A Good Idea.

The world’s best hotels and resorts all have a distinct aroma. In the bathroom, use candles or room spray to create a calming environment. JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa Director of Services Silvia Tun advises aroma stimulating goods for the ultimate at-home welcoming escape. For people who are looking to unwind and relieve tension, aromas such as lavender, mint, or eucalyptus can help.

13. If You Can, Use A Softer Light Source.

However, bright light is necessary during the day as they prepare to go, but not all the time. It will be easier to rest at night if the vanity has a dimmer switch or other softer lighting alternatives. It’s also a good idea to install a plug-in night light in the area so that they can easily get around at night.

14. Make A Point Of Fluffing Your Bed Linens.

Making sure your guests have clean towels is one thing, but making sure they’re ready for them is quite another. Before putting your towels in your guest bathroom, Geneva Aaron, CEO of TheHouseWire, advises you to give them a little additional TLC. Always have fresh, fluffed and folded towels on hand for your guests to use. Consider spritzing them with fabric spray for an extra layer of protection.

15. Add A Few Fresh Flowers.

Fresh flowers in the guest bathroom are an easy way to brighten up the room while also providing an unexpected surprise for your guests. You can try to find out what their favorite flowers are, but no matter what you choose, your guests will feel special and welcome.

Guest Bathroom Ideas - fresh Flowers

16. Add A Bidet Attachment If You Have The Space.

Bidet chairs, especially those that are simple to operate, are a great way of making a bathroom more friendly. According to ManyBidets co-founder Daniel Johnson, many of the bidet seat extensions are heated, so even if the guest doesn’t want to utilize the bidet features the seat still gives additional comfort. Installing the new toilet seat only takes a few minutes, and it replaces the old one.

17. Towels And Slippers Are Needed.

Having a soft, warm, plush bathrobe and matching slippers to slide into at the end of the day is one of the best amenities in hotels. Keep your guests comfortable by hanging a clean robe and a cozy pair of slippers in the bathroom.

18. Decorate With Taste.

The guest bathroom may not have received as much attention to detail as the other rooms in your house because it is used so infrequently. Before your guests arrive, add a few decorations to create a more pleasant atmosphere. Decorate with a tray or stool, candles, and other decorative items, such as bottles. A matchbook should be available for guests who wish to light a candle while at your home.

19. The Bath Mat Needs To Be Updated.

Another inexpensive and easy option to update the look of your bathroom is to replace your old, worn-out bath mat with a new one that’s more vibrant, fluffy, and soft. Simple, non-skid, and color-coordinated bathroom mats made from microfiber in a matching hue are the best option. They’re multifunctional, comfortable, and the microfiber dries quickly, so you (and your visitors) won’t have to deal with moldy aromas as much.

20. Consider Using A Towel Drying Bar To Keep Your Towels Fresh.

Consider installing a towel heater in your guests’ bathrooms so they can keep their towels warm while they shower or bathe. In the colder months, this small comfort will go a long way toward improving their post-shower experience.

21. A Personal Note Is A Good Idea.

Make an impression on your guests with a short and personal statement on an attractive card, perhaps in your vignette or on top of the stack of towels you’ve provided. There is nothing more welcoming than a simple “Welcome!” Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your guests feel welcome and appreciated, and they’ll have a positive image of your hospitality after hearing that.

22. Check To See That There Are Enough Mirrors In The Room.

Even if your guest bathroom is bathed in sunlight, it’s crucial to have lots of mirrors on hand. Whether it comes to getting ready, your guests will be able to choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to getting clothed or shaved.

Guest Bathroom Ideas - plenty of mirrors

23. Wallpaper Can Be A Lot Of Fun, So Have Some Fun With It.

One of the easiest ways to give your second bathroom a facelift is with the addition of some eye-catching wallpaper. To get people’s attention, try using a banana leaf design or bright geometric forms, both of which are influenced by hotel decor.

24. It’s Time For A Little Greenery.

Place a few houseplants in your guest bathroom to bring some color and life into the area. Keep your guests happy by adding something that doesn’t require much attention, such as spider plants or zz plants, so you don’t have to keep rushing back and forth to water it.

25. When It Comes To Organizing, Don’t Forget The Laundry Basket.

Your guests may not believe they need a laundry basket, but having a place to put soiled towels will keep them from leaving them on the bed or on the floor. The same goes for those who want to remain for a longer period of time and need a specific area for their dirty laundry.

26. Provide Enough Room On The Toilet For The Toilet Paper.

Having an extra roll of toilet paper on hand for your visitors when they realize they’re running low is more important than any other hotel amenity. Store extra toilet paper rolls in a convenient location or arrange them in a decorative basket below the toilet so users never have to worry about running out.. 

27. Water Should Be Served In A Carafe At This Point.

Late night sips of water or brushing teeth might be made easier by having a small glass or two on the sink in the bathroom. A tiny glass and a water carafe could be an excellent addition to your table setting. 

28.Make Sure The Area Is Spotless Before Moving In.

For your guests’ arrival, you want to ensure that the space is as clean as possible. Make a thorough cleaning of the entire area, from the shower head to the toilet bowl, and make sure the mirrors are spotless for your guests’ arrival.

Guest Bathroom Ideas - Area Is Spotless

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