New Kitchen Lighting Ideas For A Modern Home

Have you been wondering where you will get new kitchen lighting ideas for your home? Then you are in the right place. There’s something that makes the kitchen the most significant room in a house.

It could be because all the magic that we need which is food happens in the kitchen. So this begs the question of why do a lot of people like spending their time in the kitchen? The answer is straightforward; the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Therefore, if you want to take pride in your house, then you should invest in a modern kitchen with proper lighting. A modern kitchen will not only offer your new appliances, but the versatility which it provides will make you fall in love with it more.

Why Should You Invest In New Kitchen Lighting Ideas?

When you are designing or remodeling your kitchen, most people tend to forget about one crucial thing, and that is kitchen lighting. Kitchen lighting is essential, and it should be one of the first things you should consider during the initial installation stages.

There are a lot of new kitchen lighting ideas which you can take a look into if you can want to remodel your kitchen.

Therefore, while you are looking into new kitchen lighting ideas then consider Ambient lighting. It is vital because it ensures illumination in every part of the room. However, choosing the right kitchen light can be a tough task that many people fail to undertake.

But you do not have to worry because in this article we are going to take a look at new kitchen lighting ideas that will make your room more welcoming.

These new kitchen lighting ideas will help you as you manoeuvre through the kitchen while you are chopping your vegetables cooking or when you are washing the dishes in your kitchen sink.

Moreover, if you choose the right kitchen light, it will also help create the perfect mood for your kitchen.

Lighting Ideas Which You Should Invest In Your Modern Kitchen.

When you are thinking about fixing or improving your kitchen lighting, you will come across a lot of new kitchen lighting ideas. However, you should opt for the one which will best suit your kitchen lighting. Here is a look at new kitchen lighting ideas which will help in you create the perfect mood in your kitchen.

1. A New Layers As First New Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When you think about layering, I’m sure you think about fashion in terms of clothes and jewelry. However in interior design layering, pretty many works the same way as in style. Layering can merely be described as the act of building from the ground up.

This means that you need to add up the elements in your decor so that they are all cohesive.

Kitchen lighting layering is the best way that you can fully utilize your kitchen’s functionality. Moreover, when you add new layers, it makes the home more comfortable, beautiful and it is used at its fullest.

For instance, you can make good use of this new kitchen lighting idea by placing Direct lighting over a kitchen worktop. The best thing about using LED lights is that they are energy efficient and their output power is just right.

You can also achieve a magical feel in the kitchen by adding a chandelier to act as a focal point above your breakfast bar. If you wish to be a bit more dramatic in your kitchen, you can add colorful LED lights.

2. Ambient Lighting Will Help Create A Warm Glow In Your Kitchen.

If you are looking to create a specific mood in your house, then ambient lighting is the way to go. Ambient light is essential in kitchen lighting because it helps you know what you are doing and see where you are going as you manoeuvre.

When you work in a kitchen, I am sure that you would like to see every inch of it including the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, you would like to see the work that you are doing when you are washing dishes in the kitchen.

You can use ambient lighting for decorative purposes while at the same time for functionality.

You can achieve ambient lighting in your kitchen by opening your kitchen windows during the day. This will allow sunlight to stream directly in your kitchen. On the other hand at night you can achieve ambient lighting by using illuminating assortment fixtures.

This new kitchen lighting idea is perfect for creating warmth in the kitchen space. Here is a look at some assortment of style fixtures which you can implement in your kitchen lighting.

  1. You can lay flush and semi-flush fixtures in the kitchen ceiling.
  2. You can achieve a soft glow in your kitchen cabinets and kitchen cupboards by using LED bar lights. This will allow for bright illumination of things such as food.
  3. Use recessed lighting to illuminate broad areas.
  4. Use chandeliers, pendants and bar lights to add a bit of dramatic touch in your kitchen.

3. Task Lighting Is A Great New Kitchen Lighting Idea Which Is Ideal For When You Are Working.

One of the critically essential elements of good kitchen lighting in task lighting. It is significant because it ensures that you have a safe cooking and preparation space.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take a look at every area in your kitchen and what kind of activity takes place in that area. You will notice that some places such as the kitchen tap, the preparation area and the kitchen sink will require task lighting.

This new kitchen lighting idea ensures that you have a kitchen which is functioning at its fullest.

4. Adding A Light Dimmer In Your List Of New Kitchen Lighting Ideas.

Why should you install dimmer lights in your kitchen? You have to admit that getting the proper lighting in your entire house can be a very tough task.

If you’re looking to have the right amount of light in your kitchen or your whole home, then it is best that you invest in dimmer switches.

You need a dimmer light because it will help you acquire the right amount of light in your kitchen. Moreover, it will help you reduce the number of energy costs and also increase the lifespan of your bulbs.

5. Giving Your Kitchen Lighting Some Depth By Adding Accents?

Are you looking to add texture dimension and space in your modern kitchen? If the answer is yes, then this new kitchen lighting idea is going to blow your mind. If you ask a lot of interior designers, they will tell you can achieve depth by adding color in your space.

However, you can also achieve depth by using stunning elements. Then by using accent lighting, it will draw attention to all the kitchen features that you would like for them to stand out.

For instance, the best-LED lights you can use in the kitchen are recessed ceiling lights. Moreover, these kitchen lights use halogen when all other lights which use incandescent sources.

If you have a translucent kitchen counter top then LED lights are the best to use in your kitchen because they will reflect thus adding a dramatic effect.

Also, you should also add lights in your cabinet framed kitchen doors. Nevertheless, do not forget about your dark pantry; the LED lights will come in handy in illuminating light without any shadows. These are just some examples where you can adequately put into use accent lighting.

6. A Bit More Dramatic Touch In Your Kitchen Lighting.

There are different ranges of kitchen fixtures which you can hang in your kitchen island. They can range from small globes to large drums which are suspended high on your kitchen bar. Therefore, hanging lighting fixtures in trios in different shapes and sizes is an excellent new kitchen lighting idea which you should think of installing.

Moreover, it is a fashion statement making your kitchen lighting spectacular. When you add a pendant in your kitchen, it makes it look more sophisticated and classy. There are different places where you can hang your kitchen island they include over a dining table over a kitchen island and a cocktail table.

7. Wall Scones Which Will Uniquely Illuminate Kitchen Lighting.

When you want to add a touch of cosiness and warmth in your kitchen lighting, then add wall scones. Once you find the best place to add your scones, it will help you achieve lighting balance in terms of task, accent and ambient. This new kitchen lighting idea is a great one especially if you add the scones on the kitchen sink wall. You will add character in your new kitchen.

8. The Best Option For Track Lighting In Your Modern Kitchen.

There is no better way to illuminate your kitchen than using tracks. They should be at the top of your new kitchen lighting ideas. The first kitchen tracking lights were hideous and not many people wanted to include them in their space. However, manufacturers decided to bring in more sleek and fashion-forward kitchen tracks that illuminate beautifully.

Why should you choose a tracking light for your modern kitchen? Here are a few reasons which will answer the former question.

  1. Tracking lights are very flexible.
  2. They are energy efficient.
  3. You can choose different components such as a kit or pack.
  4. They are easily mounted into the kitchen wall.
  5. They use halogen which is cost effective.

More Details

9. Adding A Big Centrepiece In Your Modern Kitchen.

Why should you go big in your kitchen? If you are bold enough, then you should be ready to glam up your centerpiece such as your kitchen chandelier. It will not only make a statement in your kitchen, but it will make it look more classy and sophisticated.

You can go the extra mile by mixing it up so that you can add a touch of color which will make a statement. This new kitchen lighting idea can work best for a relatively small kitchen.

10. How About You Play On The Down Low.

Every individual has different lighting flexibility for their eyes. Therefore, the amount of kitchen light which you will implement in your kitchen should be enough especially when it comes to the above options. Here is a look at how you can address your lighting options.

Uplighting. If you want to maximize uplighting, then you should consider using LED light sources which will bounce on the kitchen ceiling. The kitchen light will reflect in almost every area of your kitchen.

Moreover, with the use of natural light in the kitchen space, it will appear brighter with ambient lighting. On the other hand, if you do not have kitchen cabinets which group to the ceiling, then you should use T5 fluorescent lighting. They will help increase the reflectivity of the roof.

  1. Downlighting. Down illumination, refers to the use of a single light source to provide lighting with the entire room. Therefore, if you have a chandelier in the kitchen ceiling, it should provide enough light in your kitchen.
  2. All Around lighting. You should ensure that natural kitchen lighting and general kitchen lighting are fully utilized so that everyone can see what they are doing. Moreover, the dark areas should be minimized because there is enough light in your kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen cupboards and your kitchen shelves should be adequately illuminated.

11. Open Shelf Lighting Idea For the Kitchen.

It is common that you will come across open kitchen shelves in replacement of kitchen cabinets. As you look for DIY hacks on how to arrange your open kitchen shelves, you should also consider the kitchen light. Therefore you can use LED kitchen lights underneath or at the back of your open kitchen shelf.

12. Be Very Mindful Of The Color In Your Kitchen As You Weigh On Your Options

Color can merely be described as the reflection of light from an object. Therefore, the amount of light which is reflected in your kitchen will affect your color scheme.

When you opt to choose different kitchen lighting bulbs, they will have a profound effect on your color temperature. The latter affects mood and the feel of a space.

Therefore, interior designers recommend that you use LED bulbs for your kitchen lighting. This is because they will affect the color temperature of your space in terms of three choices: daylight, warm white and cool white.

For instance, if you have a lot of white in your kitchen, then it is essential that you use bulbs that use fewer watts. On the other hand, if your kitchen is a bit darker, then you can use bulbs that have more wattage.

The color of your kitchen doors and your kitchen cabinets have of impact on the color temperature of the kitchen. This new kitchen lighting idea is very vital when it comes to your decor. Therefore, ensure that your kitchen doors and kitchen cabinets complement the kitchen lighting.

13. Install Motion Sensors For Kitchen Lighting.

You have to admit it the back of your kitchen pantry or your kitchen cabinet is always dark. Therefore, it is tough to see when you are looking for something such as a cooking pot.

The best way you can overcome this problem is by installing motion sensors that will light up LED bulbs when you open the kitchen cabinets or the Pantry. This new Kitchen lighting idea will also help regulate the amount of energy and light in specific places.

14. How About You Of Remodeling The Whole Kitchen.

If you feel that you’re cooking space is outdated in terms of kitchen lighting, you can choose to remodel the whole of it. You can also repair it by installing new kitchen taps, kitchen cupboard doors and kitchen sinks which will have a profound effect on the kitchen light.

This is a good way for you to try out smart new kitchen lighting ideas such as installing kitchen pendants and kitchen chandeliers.

15. Definitely Try Is Making Good Use Of Nature.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money looking for new kitchen lighting fixtures you can easily use natural light, especially during the daytime.

Therefore, learn to open your kitchen windows during the day to allow light to penetrate and stream in every corner of your kitchen.


There are a lot of new kitchen lighting ideas which you have at your disposal. When you subtly incorporate the 15 new kitchen lighting ideas mentioned above, you can achieve a stunning way to light up your kitchen.

Moreover, you will make it a bit more functional. On the other hand, you can use your imagination to come up with great new kitchen lighting ideas.

So which new kitchen lighting idea from the ones mentioned above best fancies you? Which one would you use in your new kitchen?

Which new kitchen lighting ideas would you not apply in your kitchen?

If you have anymore new kitchen lighting ideas that you have used in your modern kitchen let us know.

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