25 Tile Fireplace Designs That Will Have You Saying Goodbye To Brick Fireplaces.

modern fireplace tile ideas - Tile Fireplace Designs

Whatever room your fireplace is located in, one thing will always be true: your hearth will always be the focal point of that space. The fireplace, which serves as a focal point for your room, should be considered less as a source of heat and more as a tool to provide a touch of chill … Read more

How To Organize Furniture In A Difficult-To-Arrange Living Room?

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas - wall and Rugs

It’s not uncommon for fascinating design to create difficult living spaces, whether it’s a historic property with unusual angles or a contemporary construction with unusual dimensions. Knowing how to properly organize, layout, and decorate an uncomfortable living room can be difficult for even the most experienced interior designers to accomplish successfully. In here is guiding … Read more