25 Tile Fireplace Designs That Will Have You Saying Goodbye To Brick Fireplaces.

Whatever room your fireplace is located in, one thing will always be true: your hearth will always be the focal point of that space. The fireplace, which serves as a focal point for your room, should be considered less as a source of heat and more as a tool to provide a touch of chill to your home’s atmosphere. And, while we’re on the subject of cool, tile in a variety of finishes, prints, and materials is our current chimney-covering of choice. Here are going to discuss with you about modern fireplace tile ideas and its beauty with some pictures.

While tile is often thought of as a strictly functional addition to wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, this does not rule out the possibility of it serving as a beautiful decorative accent to your fireplace. In a living room or bedroom, ceramic or glass tiles may offer a gorgeous sheen that we aren’t used to seeing outside of a kitchen backsplash, making for an unexpected yet attractive accent.

modern fireplace tile ideas - Tile Fireplace Designs

Whatever your style, whether you’re wanting to remodel an existing chimney structure or incorporate a classic hearth into a modern design, here are 25 amazing fireplace tile ideas to inspire you.

1. Use White Grout To Line The Subway Tile.

If you’re dealing with an old fireplace, a handful of easy adjustments will bring it up to date and make it more appealing. This white-on-white subway tile facade, which is combined with glass fireplace doors, seems light and airy, and it fits perfectly in with the rest of the modern decor.

2. Make A Neutral Interior More Appealing.

You may try tiling the interior of your fireplace if you’re weary of gazing at the soot-stained interior of your chimney (and no amount of chimney cleaning can make it appear even somewhat neat). Just be sure you use fire-resistant tiles, such as stone or ceramic, to avoid a blaze.

3. Experiment With Sky-High Tile Installation.

So why limit the possibilities of your fireplace if you’re fortunate enough to have high ceilings? (We are referring to this both literally and symbolically). Instead, use a floor-to-ceiling tile installation to stretch the structure, making your space appear taller and more modern.

4. Pick The 50 Shades Of Gray Chevron Tile As Your Fourth Option.

To avoid the tired-looking horizontal pattern that has been used before, tilt the tiles at a 45-degree angle to form a zig-zag pattern, also known as chevron pattern. A chevron-pattern tile framing a minimalistic fireplace makes an original chimney look modern, especially when done in a color palette of steel, silver, and dark gray tones, as seen here.

5. Place The Blue And White Star-Print Tile On Top Of The Other Tiles.

modern fireplace tile ideas - Blue and White

A simple patterned tile placed along the foot of your hearth can add the finishing touch of flair that your fireplace has been lacking. This star design tile, which has been strategically placed on the step-up of this fireplace, perfectly connects this seaside décor together while also using tones of blue and white in a stunning way.

6. Have Some Fun With Pearly Ceramic Tiles.

The iridescent ceramic tiles in this living room provide a wonderful sheen to the space, which contrasts beautifully with the matte blue built-ins. Furthermore, the way it incorporates soft, sandy tones of taupe and beige without overshadowing the rest of the room’s décor is an example of excellent interior design practice.

7. Use A Black Chevron Tile With A White Grout Color Scheme.

Your grout should be considered an additional design feature, if that is not the case, you are doing it incorrectly. This stunning living room makes use of black chevron tiling and white grout to give the illusion of a rug just in front of the fireplace, and it is really stunning. The use of grout to create contrast transforms this modest space into a magnificent work of beauty.

8. Use Oversized Gray Tile As A Backsplash.

Oversized matte gray ceramic tiles with a modest gradient are an exact match for concrete slabs in terms of appearance. This rustic, classic living area is enhanced by the addition of a minimalist fireplace.

9. Use Marble To Create A Striking Contrast With Traditional Tile.

By incorporating a modern-meets-traditional fireplace into the design of this earthy eclectic living room, it manages to keep its integrity. The combination of a classic tile print and a slab of marble at the foot of the fireplace offers the best of both worlds in terms of design.

10. Arrange Royal Blue Subway Tiles In A Stack.

modern fireplace tile ideas - Royal Blue Subway Tiles

If color is your thing, don’t let a tile composition get in the way of your own style. When you walk into this vibrant hideaway, you’ll notice that this royal blue subway tile fits perfectly in.

11. Design A Black And White Pattern On A Black Background.

As soon as you begin to see your fireplace as a medium for artistic expression, you will begin to attract attention in the most positive way. In this eye-catching design, marble tiles in black and white are intertwined to form a basketweave pattern that is unique to this mantel.

12. Grout White Picket Tile In Black.

The picket tile form is a great option if you enjoy the look of white subway tile with black grout but want something a little different. This form is long and thin, with pointed ends, and it is a modern interpretation of a traditional shape.

13. Select A High-Gloss Subway Tile For Your Bathroom.

Although tile is normally used just on the mantle’s top and bottom, this fireplace contains subway tile that extends from floor to ceiling and has an iridescent shine. In the event that you have a comparable configuration that permits for a full-wall tile installation, you’ll be astonished at how much light bounces off this glossy surface.

14. Create A Workaround For The Vintage Tile.

In the case of a renovation of an older structure, consider working around the home’s most attractive features, such as this historic Spanish tile fireplace facade. The addition of shiplap and sea-inspired accessories lends a seaside atmosphere to this living room while still paying homage to the original tiling.

15. Include A Print That Is Inspired By Spanish Culture.

modern fireplace tile ideas - Spanish Inspired Print

If you’re dealing with contemporary building, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of incorporating the old-old world charm you desire through the use of a Spanish-inspired design. This white with grayish-blue design is just what you’ve been looking for to make your casita stand out.

16. Set A Calm And Relaxed Atmosphere.

It’s quite OK to use a high-shine beige tile with a slight wood grain if you’re working with an otherwise calm color scheme of soft beiges and airy whites, as long as you don’t want to disturb your peace with a loud tile.

17. Tile May Be Used To Create A Faux Wood Look.

Modern design technology allows tile to be produced in a variety of forms, sizes, and patterns. If you live in a vineyard property or have a wine cellar, this huge square tile with a fake lattice wood design would look great in your space.

18. Make A Statement With A White Penny Tile Backsplash.

It is astonishing how a delicate penny tile can have such a strong visual impression. When placed on this high-ceilinged black mantle, a white tile with black grout appears contemporary and is well complemented with the bold art on the walls.

19. On A Traditional Mantle, Use Modern Micro Tile For A Fresh Look.

For those who adore the aesthetic of a modern tile fireplace but are adamant about maintaining the workmanship of their classic mantle, this combination is both stylish and luxurious.

20. Bathe In A Sea Of Black.

modern fireplace tile ideas - fireplace black tiles

It is not necessary to have a functioning chimney in order to enjoy the ambiance of a classic fireplace in your house. A chevron pattern of black tiles with white grout is used to create depth and make the aperture appear wider in this faux fireplace installation.

21. Try A Star Print In Black And White For A Different Look.

The traditional black and white star design tile is surprisingly adaptable, considering its simplicity. Its tendency to lean toward a vintage, Art Deco aesthetic is not a problem in this situation because it blends in seamlessly with the diverse décor.

22. Add A Splash Of Color With A Sunburst Print.

As we all know, texture is important in home design, and since your fireplace is the center point of your living room, experimenting with that design aspect is essential.

23. Tiles Made Of Matte Ceramic Stones Are Number.

While the concept of tile fireplaces may conjure up visions of contemporary homes, this tile chimney demonstrates that the clean, stone aesthetic can be enjoyed in a variety of other contexts as well. This beige ceramic tile in this luxury cabin has an old-world cottage vibe to it because of its beige color.

24. Combine Modern Chevron Tile With Old-World Craftsmanship For A Unique Look.

If you’re not sure whether a modern glass home or a rustic Tudor design would be more appropriate for you, there’s always a method to satisfy your in-between hunger. The combination of a contemporary chevron tile in a steel tone and the workmanship of a historic mantel creates a striking living room. The unusual duo is both aesthetically arresting and distinctive in its own right.

25. Keep The Vintage Square Tiles In Place.

modern fireplace tile ideas - Vintage Square Tiles

This collection of antique square tiles is proof that brand new isn’t always the best option, whether you’re working with existing tiles that simply need a little TLC or finding old tiles for a fresh remodeling project. This well-loved mantel and fireplace is very stunning in its original condition.

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