15 Shiplap Accent Wall Designs To Inspire Your Interior Design

Shiplap walls are no longer only the territory of Joanna Gaines! Shiplap walls have been having a major moment for the past several years, thanks to their frequent appearances on the HGTV show Fixer Upper, and the trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Wooden plank walls, also known as shiplap walls, are distinguished by their long, overlapping lengths of wood that are sometimes distressed or painted off-white to give them an aged appearance. Shiplap accent wall designs are most commonly seen in horizontal configurations, but the planks can also be put vertically.

As the 15 ideas below demonstrate, shiplap accent walls are simple to install in a weekend and can transform any room in the house. They are also extremely cost-effective and can be used in any area of the house, literally.

1. Sweet Shiplap Dreams

Installing a shiplap accent wall behind your headboard will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your bed. Lisa Bass accomplished her goal of creating the farmhouse bedroom of her dreams by doing just that, and her wrought iron bed frame helps the design to stand out.

shiplap accent wall - backdrop for your bed

2. A Beautiful Living Room.

Jessica Rayome’s living room previously had high ceilings and magnificent wooden beams, but now that she’s added shiplap, the area truly sparkles and exudes a strong sense of farmhouse style. No need to leave an empty space after constructing a shiplap wall; Rayome added vintage windows to the panels for an added touch of rustic beauty.

3. A Gloomy And Ominous Atmosphere.

Why not paint your shiplap wall to give it a bit more personality? Any color scheme is OK! Chris and Julia Marcum added a deep navy shiplap accent wall to their living room, which instantly transformed the area into a melancholy haven.

4. Perfection Without The Use Of Paint.

You’re not a painter, are you? Amy, a blogger who created a lovely rustic appearance in her home by adhering recycled wooden boards to an empty wall, isn’t one of them. The finished product serves as a nice contrast to her otherwise white walls and helps to warm up the atmosphere.

5. Farm To Table.

In order to bring the modern farmhouse style into her home, Disha Spath installed a shiplap wall in her dining room over the course of one weekend, for a total cost of just more than $100 (including materials). As a time-saving measure, she purchased shiplap panels, which she hung and then painted white to finish the project.

shiplap accent wall - dining room

6. Chic Camouflage.

When it comes to styling a large television so that it doesn’t look cumbersome, Sarah Symonds came up with a winning solution by placing her television set in front of a black shiplap wall, which she painted black. It provides interest to her basement while also serving to conceal the giant screen television, and the addition of framed family photos is the icing on top!

7. Extremely Vertical.

When it comes to building a shiplap accent wall, no space is off limits, so why not remodel your bathroom as well? While shiplap walls are most commonly seen in horizontal configurations, shiplap may also look stunning when mounted vertically, as shown in Chelsee Hood’s apartment. Furthermore, if a border is more your taste, there is no need to cover the entire wall.

8. Glowup For The Home Office.

If you’re going to be working from home all day, there’s no reason to have to sit in front of a dull blank wall for eight hours every day of the week. Chelsee Hood also incorporated shiplap into her office area, choosing a black color to accent the beautiful floral wallpaper that she had already installed.

9. Adorable Kitchen Design.

With a lovely shiplap accent wall that makes her counter space stand out, Alexa Duvall completely altered her kitchen. By keeping decorative embellishments to a minimum, the design may speak volumes for itself.

shiplap accent wall - kitchen

10. Oasis In The Great Outdoors.

Bring the shiplap excitement outside! Kath Younger transformed her deck into a screened porch by incorporating shiplap walls and a vaulted ceiling into the design of the structure. The result demonstrates that shiplap is a timeless design element that works well in both large and small areas.

11. It’s Adorable And Kid-Friendly.

Shiplap is also a great choice for nurseries. Brooke Christen transformed the nursery of her sister-in-little law’s child by adding a modest accent wall to the room. Simply place a framed art piece on top of the table and you’re done.

12. Luxe Loo.

Jennifer Gulizia also used shiplap to remodel her bathroom, which adds a great deal of texture and aesthetic interest to the vast area. She completed the task of hanging the panels in in two hours, which is nothing short of miraculous.

13. Wooden Wonder.

Sarah Saucedo opted to hang and stain wooden shiplap panels on the wall going into her basement after being inspired by a similar wall in her previous home. Despite the fact that she focused primarily on the landing area, the modification has made a significant effect.

14. Fake, But Not Without A Snazzy Appearance.

Roxanne Kwiecinski utilized a DIY kit to create a faux shiplap wall behind her bed, requiring only paint and painter’s tape to complete the project—no boards were needed! This is a fantastic choice for people who would prefer to stick with paint and save their woodworking adventures for another day. It looks exactly like the genuine thing and is a lot less expensive.

shiplap accent wall - faux shiplap wall

15. Create A Rainbow With Paint.

Do you want to take on a new challenge? Make a DIY rainbow shiplap wall like Home Kimprovements, who revealed her rainbow shiplap project on Remodelaholic. The finished product is ideal for a child’s room or any other space that could use a little sprucing up.

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